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Mary Jane Hammers for Altoona School Board

Born in Altoona and educated at Slippery Rock University and Carnegie Mellon, Mary Jane Hammers was an elementary school teacher with the Altoona Area School District for 36 years. She has been an active member of the PSEA her entire career and into retirement. Currently, Mary Jane serves as the legislative and lobbying Chair in the PSEA Retired organization. These organizations not only represent the working staff in our schools, but they work for the protection and the betterment of public education.

A word from Mary Jane:

" I want to be a member of the Altoona School Board because I believe that all decisions should be made with as much information as possible. Questions need to be asked and answered. I am not sure that too many questions are asked or answered. The board has taken the info given to them and accepted it without question. i.e. the closing of two elementary schools in one year, booting class sizes in some buildings to over 30 students in a class. I am a past president of the Women's Club of Altoona where I currently serve as a fundraiser for our community projects. I have served on the Altoona Community Board of Directors, and have directed shows and been the music director for 18 of ACT's musicals. I served on the Blair Concert Chorale Board of directors. I volunteer for the Red Cross, Heart Assoc., and Easter Seals. I spend my leisure time swimming, reading, and enjoying my family."

Mary Jane Hammers is an active member of the Altoona and larger Blair County community. She is passionate about being an advocate for Altoona's children and we are thrilled to support her. Please write in Mary Jane Hammers for Altoona School Director.

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