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21st Century Club

Your membership helps build our party...


Join the 21st Century Club, our new fundraising initiative.  As member of the 21st Century Club you can do what Democrats in other counties have already been doing for years, helping provide a steady income stream that funds the infrastructure of a county party. 


Membership costs $250 for a single person or $400 for a couples' membership and will provide several yearly benefits:

  • A special event with the Chair*

  • A special event with a state or legislative candidate*

  • A ticket (or two for a couples' membership) to our annual Fall Banquet

  • Recognition on our Fall Banquet ad roll


Raising the funds to open and maintain a new office for the Blair County Democratic Committee is integral to helping our candidates. It also brings visibility to the county party. In both 2008 and 2012, Obama for America made our office a temporary home in Blair County. Presidential year exposure helps us bring in interested volunteers that last far beyond the Presidential season. I know that whoever wins our 2016 Democratic Presidential Primary will be interested in having a temporary home in Blair County, but only if we have a home to offer them.

*Dependent upon membership numbers

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