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2023: Vote Local Blair County!

Local years are some of the most important election years. But Gillian, you say every year is important, you might say. Well, you aren't wrong, but neither am I. Municipal and county elected officials are the people who affect your lives on a daily basis in ways that most people don't realize. From decisions about our schools to maintenance of local infrastructure, these races are critical to building a community that works for everyone. 

Although the petition period to get on the primary ballot is over, there are still opportunities for folks to ask for write-ins for several offices that have NO ONE running for them - not even Republicans. If you're interested in running or in helping one of our local or statewide candidates, there's so much you can do. Please reach out to me at

There are volunteer opportunities for everyone, no matter what your talents are. Don't have experience? Don't worry! The best way to learn about working elections is to jump in.

I look forward to seeing you!

Yours Democratically,

Gillian Kratzer


Blair County Democratic Committee


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